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My name is Taural Rhoden and I write, speak and advocate for better ways to develop high performance in the workplace.

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Robert Bruce, CIO Mercedes-Benz Germany 

Taural is a leader and the type of person you want on your team and driving your projects to success.

Meet Taural

It's been my privilege to lead and inspire teams globally. My career has spanned continents and verticals, leading projects in China, Germany, Turkey, the UK, Italy, India, Singapore, and Australia for the likes of Mercedes-Benz, IBM and high-growth startups. 


Drawing from a rich background in technology delivery, business consulting leadership and military experience.I specialise in fostering high-performance cultures, blending my military background, diverse international leadership roles and fact-based research.  


As a coach, I focus on "Functional Team Fitness," a unique approach I developed based on scientific principles and real-world experience. This framework has guided me in roles as Managing Director at Accel Digital, Director at 8Squad, and Bluewolf, among others.

As a speaker and writer, I "think out loud" about team performance dynamics, work place culture, leadership and personal development. People matter to me, and this has been a guiding principal in all of my professional and private endeavorers, whether that's scaling a business from 18- 98 people in two years, pursuing multimillion dollar enterprise contracts for global consulting firms, of 

My colleagues and clients value my knack for simplifying complex concepts and applying pragmatic solutions to abstract challenges. At heart, I'm innately curious and creatively driven.


My mission is to empower leaders and teams to excel in today's complex business landscape. I'm excited about the opportunity to work together and achieve great results.

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