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Functional Team Fitness

Science-Backed, Business-Tested 

Fitness Group

Feeling stuck with an underperforming team?

 Uncertain if your team is prepared for or capable of keeping pace with your business?


You’re not alone.

In Deloitte’s most recent Human Capital Trends study only about 6% mangers rated themselves as capable of enabling high performance teams. 

On an intellectual level, most leaders understand that their teams need a common purpose, better communication, a shared sense of commitment, an environment of trust, accountability and so on, but they aren’t exactly sure what exactly that looks like in day-to-day practice. 

Functional Team Fitness is a program designed to teach you effective practices, design team protocols and provide you with diagnostic tools which will help you to supercharge your team’s performance.

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headshot-115-high res.jpg

I'm Taural Rhoden

With almost 30 years working in and leading teams all over the world in a variety of contexts (military, academia, business, technology, creative), I help people at all levels to create team practices that are effective and get the best out of teams. 

Want to learn more? 

If your team struggles with the quality of their work, consistently delivers late or struggle to prioritize what to do , please reach out for a chat. 

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