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Media & Writing

In parallel to my professional endeavours, creative pursuits have kept me busy. With a wide spectrum of things that interest me, and a penchant for digital creation, I've found outlets for these in various projects. From writing, photography, video and podcasting, I've always engaged in ways to share with others. 

 In this collection of letters, learn about the true stories of people who have fled from that regime. All of the accounts are written by the refugees themselves and explain how they became asylum seekers, what life is like in the camps, and what they envision for their future. 

Burmese Refugees Book.jpeg

Black Forest BBQ

From 2010 til 2013, I was a Youtube partner with my Black Forest BBQ video channel. Working under the name "der Schwartzwald Texaner" I created videos to help bring Americans BBQ closer to interested German hobbyists. The project was very successful, leading me to partner with brands, producers and gave me opportunities to write and hold workshops. 


InYour Pocket: Kaiserslautern

n Your Pocket City Guides is a publisher of free guide books for many European cities, available in print, via website or via mobile app. It also publishes guide books for major events in Europe including the FIFA World Cup and the UEFA European Championship. I wrote and photographed for the Kiaiserslautern City Guide. 


American BBQ Basics

American BBQ ist in den USA ein Lebensgefühl. Auf mehr als 180 min Spielzeit verrät der gebürtige Texaner Taural Rhoden alle Tips & Tricks für ein perfektes, authentisches American BBQ. Neben Themen wie Warenkunde, Grilltechniken und Grillkunde werden auch viele interessante Originalrezepte präsentiert.


Fire & Food Articles

FIRE&FOOD ist Europas erstes und ältestes deutschsprachiges Grill- und Barbecue-Magazin. Seit 2002 steht FIRE&FOOD für den authentischen Lifestyle des BBQ – slow, smoky and tasty. Gutes BBQ ist auf viele Arten möglich.


My Germany Podcast

In 2006 I started the MyGermanuy Podcast, my first foray into digital media creation. I continued with the podcast up til 2011, when my focus shifted more fully to the Black Forest BBQ Video project I was creating. Sadly, no logos or content remain to share. 

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